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    Shree Vishwaneel Ayurveda's doctor analyzes your cause by authentic Ayurvedic diagnosing ways and also by using some modern techniques like scalp analysis and microscopic examination.
    After perfect diagnosis, a customised plan is made for the patient which includes effective and research oriented herbal medicines, customised diet, proven kitchen remedies and authentic detox therapies (Panchkarma treatments) for your hair and skin care

    Hair Problems

    Our hair goes through a cycle of growth- Hair roots (follicles) grow in three phases – Anagen is the growth phase where hair grows by 1 cm every 28 days for 2-7 years. In the Catagen phase, hair is stable. No growth. Third is Telogen, where hair begins to fall, causing noticeable loss of hair. The new follicle again grows from the same root and goes through the same cycle. When new hair does not grow from the root or the hair life cycle is shortened, hair begins to thin.

    Shree Vishwaneel Ayurveda program helps to increase Anagen phase ( high growth & long hair, prolongs Catagen phase (so long life ) & regrows hair follicle after Telogen phase (hair thickness maintained )

    Skin Problems

    Great skin is a result of good skincare habits and a healthy lifestyle.  it’s essential to follow a good skin care routine, it isn’t complete in itself. The 5,000 year-old-science of Ayurveda emphasizes on the mantra ‘True beauty comes from within’.     

    For this reason, Ayurvedic skin care routine focuses on balancing the whole body and supporting the digestive system with a healthy diet while treating each individual according to his/her specific dosha.Sounds difficult? It isn’t. Once you become intuitively tuned to understand what your skin needs, you’ll be able to approach skin care and beauty in a holistic manner. Below, we’ve broken down the key elements of chalking out the perfect skin care routine for yourself. 

    Let's shine with Classical Ayurveda

    Our Ayurveda  Experts are available to address all your health needs, product queries, the efficacy of your current regime, and any other health related questions you may have.

    Permanent Laser Hair Removal Treatment

    Unwanted hairs can be removed with advanced laser treatments


    Note- Our latest technology laser hair treatment is for both women and men.  All genders have the right to feel and look beautiful.

    Laser_hair_removal treatment

    Limited Time Offer!

    Better Tattoo Clearance in fewer Treatments.

    Get to know more about our speciality.

    Shree Vishwaneel Ayurveda & Panchakarma Center is a leading super speciality Ayurveda & Panchakarma center in Navi Mumbai. It is established in December 2010 & till date more than 5000+ patients from all over the india has been benefitted and successfully treated in our Shree vishwaneel Ayurveda and Panchkarma center.
    We consult Diet and yoga counseling as well as modern machine treatments & laser treatments for hair & skin problems under one roof.

    Authorised Subcenter of Keshayurved-

    one stop solution for all hair and skin problems​


    Keshayurved is a journey towards evidence based Ayurveda. Our mission is to blend Ancient Ayurveda & Modern Technology together. Keshayurved has 108 Subcenters in India and across the world. Our clinic is the leading and one of the most performing Subcenter of Keshayurved. Our objective is to give complete hair & skin care solutions to all. We are establishing hair treatment and sample collection centers all over India.To grow your practice in this competitive era, one needs the latest technology & ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Our motto is to give good results through accurate diagnosis via latest technology and software based report system & specialized treatments using modern equipment's without changing the basic principles of Ayurveda.

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    Our mission is to blend ancient Ayurveda & Modern Technology together. Our Objective is to give complete Hair & Skin Care Solutions to all. Trichology and Ayurveda is our big dream project and we are looking forward for great success of it ahead with BVG . We have already started 35 authorized sub centers of Keshayurved in Maharashtra and planning to do 108 in all over India.

    Our Clients

    I need some facial skin treatment and decided to speak to Dr. Sonali. I was impressed with her patience & professionalism and decided to take the treatment from her. It is now 2 weeks since the treatment and it has worked to my full satisfaction. I was also impressed with the caring attitude of her clinic staff. I strongly recommend her to anyone planning for ayurvedic skin treatments

    Pradip. S. Sachan

    Dr Sonali is a very talented Ayurved doctor , she understand the problems give right type of medicines and treat you accordingly . I was suffering for hair loss and acidity problem she gave me the right medicines and few exercises which i am doing and 80% of my problem is solved.

    Punkaaj kaalay

    She is excellent in picking what exactly is ones concern and gives exact proper guidance... she gives you exact solution... Very generous and soft spoken.. .. One can get Best Ayurvedic treatment. .. Not only for Skin and Hair.. She holdes expertise in other areas like Joint, infertility, paediatric, digestion related problems.. ..👍

    Preeti Singh

    Nice Experienced with Dr and good quality of Knee pain management service. Sonali mam is so cooperative. One of the best experienced and ayurvedic clinic in Sanpada, Navi Mumbai Recommended.

    Sanchita Navghane

    I sincerely wants to thanks Dr.Sonali for taking care of me during food poisoning. She was available on call and given her proper consultation.She is friendly and caring. Her medicines works as a magic for me.

    Swati Sondkar- Patil

    During lockdown i started facing the problem of severe hair fall.so I approached Dr sonali.she started the treatment and now my hair fall is reduced to 80%. Her treatment is perfect.she is very soft spoken and answers the call at any time. Thank you so much Dr.sonali....

    Vijay Ruikar

    I consulted Dr. Sonali regarding Hair fall issue. I got a positive result within 15-20 days of treatment. Her diagnosis is very perfect. She is very soft spoken and friendly in nature Thank you so much... Dr. Sonali

    Akanksha Gokhale

    Hi Sonali, During lock down I started facing the problem of severe hair fall. so I approached Dr. Sonali. She started the treatment and now my hair fall is reduced to 80%. Her treatment is perfect.She is very soft spoken and answer the call at any time. Thank you so much Dr. Sonali

    Vijaya Patil

    Dr. Sonali (Ayurvedic Clinic) I have visited and referred to many doctors for my skin infection and it went in vain. I was so depressed because of this infection and I was helpless. I am greatful to Dr. Sonali that she helped me alot to cure my skin infection with her medication. Thank you so much Regards Mrs. Shobhna C.

    Shobhna C

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